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Antanas Guoga, Member of the Parliament of the European Union as a representative of Lithuania, called the Blockchain as perfect technology while giving a speech against the Protection Commission internal market consumer, Commission is taking seriously the possibility of advancing a proposal in which it is believed a new working group of virtual currency.
Parliament and Blockchain
Guoga encouraged all members to conduct their own research on the Bitcoin and technology surrounding it with the following words:

According to reports, the Committee came to passing the measure with a majority of members, to the point of almost reaching unanimity. This measure requires the European Commission, which is the executive arm of the European Union, the creation of a working group that monitor and study the development that may have the virtual currency. Another solution is the expanding working group already created so that it covers everything related to this technology.

In a report written by the conservative and reformist Ulrike Trebesius, calls for an international standard for the regulation of technology, adding that in addition to supporting the creation of the Working Group, the Committee has also decided to support the orientation to the development of other digital technologies based on the Blockchain for non-financial applications.

The votes of approval were issued a day after that the EDCAB will hold an event called Europe completo Future in which were conducted a series of roundtables for politicians and leaders of industry in the European Parliament. Nonprofit organization spent much of the event relating to the political and educating them until the vote is held by the Committee.

From now on, the Committee on economic and Monetary Affairs of the European Parliament will be studying the possibility of also supporting such a proposal. The vote will take place on April 26.

Bitcoin Tips

Bitcoins can be sent to the client PC and the mobile device has received through various sites and independently-run Web software. Bitcoin wallet are called the sent and received by clients and Web sites. You send and transactions by the user with the network id, Bitcoin address confirm Bitcoin wallet within the network.

There are several ways to buy of Bitcoins:
Bitcoin Tips
Accept Bitcoin as payment for goods or services. There are several services where you can exchange their traditional currency. Someone to finance the trade for Bitcoins person through a local directory. Participation in a mineral deposit.

Bitcoin is not asking for, it is an institution of trust of the users. The safety is based on cryptography, which will be part of the structure, and easily accessible to the and do everything. Instead of an entity, the monitoring of transactions over the network, are Bitcoins therefore surprisingly difficult to steal or duplicate. Of Bitcoins will be made regular and predictable way and many different users can therefore person cannot decide, do much more and reduce their value. In short, is Bitcoin designed for inflation -Detection, double-passed the test and fully distributed.

Bitcoins are still not mainstream, but it can be used as a valid payment for all types of goods and services. One advantage Call fans of Bitcoin is the ability to cash immediately anywhere in the world. By eliminating the Zwischenhandler-PayPal, credit cards companies, financial institutions,-bit coin change faster than the money in the currency of the real world, digital. Purchase of Bitcoins of individuals with PayPal is possible, but requires that the seller, am confident that the buyer should submit a PayPal payment request.

Bitcoin competitive contracts are-which means that the price of a coin will increase or decrease depending on the supply and demand for specific pricing. Only a fraction of the emitted Bitcoin still find for sale on the currency markets. Yes, although technically a buyer with money could buy, sell proposed Bitcoin owner. They offer for the rest of the sale of Bitcoins as also with them, not the richest, most buyers can get.

In addition, daily issued new currency and will continue to do so for decades, even if over time, the rate at which they are issued to negligible levels. Mining is not required to sell their Coins so that all Bitcoins will also markets.

In this article, the situation is not recommended, HoweverFeature, that the markets are not susceptible to the manipulation of prices. He should not significant amounts of market price up or down and that is why Bitcoin a volatile resource.

Be careful with your money. When sending money to swap or a seller you are convinced that the operator does not with your money and the risk of the operators of the flight will work systems, protection against internal theft protected or managed remotely. It is recommended that you use the true identity of the operator and ask, that's enough. The job is available. Exchange or store large amounts of funds with Exchange is not recommended.

How to Open a Bitcoin Account

Bitcoins are a digital currency, which means the only way you can use and store them is with a digital account. These accounts are called Bitcoin wallets, and once you have a Bitcoin wallet of your own, you will be able to buy and collect Bitcoins and use them to pay for goods and services offered by other people and companies that accept Bitcoins.

Before we talk about how to open a Bitcoin wallet, there is one very important thing to take into consideration. If your Bitcoin wallet is lost or stolen, there is no way to recover it or the Bitcoins that were in it. Just like if someone picked your real wallet from your pocket on the train – that cash is gone for good unless you can hunt down the one who stole your wallet, which is highly unlikely.
Open Bitcoin

How to open a Bitcoin wallet

With that in mind, you can make your first big decision: where do you want your Bitcoin wallet to live? There are many different applications you can use for your Bitcoin wallet, some of which will be housed on a mobile device, some on your computer’s desktop, and others in your web browser. The right choice depends on your personal lifestyle; just remember what we said earlier about Bitcoin wallets being lost or stolen. Next, you just have to pick a Bitcoin wallet app that works with the platform you have chosen.

Bitcoin.org has a huge list of trusted applications. Follow the sign up and installation instructions for the wallet app that looks best to you.

Unlike bank accounts, Bitcoin wallets are anonymous and don’t require identifying information like your Social Security Number or even your name. Your wallet will be represented by an ID number in the blockchain ledger so that the miners can verify transactions involving your wallet. But don’t worry, your Bitcoin wallet ID is safe; whenever you need to receive Bitcoins from someone, your wallet will generate a secure code that will direct the payment into your wallet without revealing your actual account number to everyone you do business with.

What is Bitcoin?

An Introduction to Today’s Leading Cryptocurrency Since it was first released in 2009, Bitcoin (BTC) has been gaining the attention of the media, investors and governments, as well as changing the way we think about currencies and their value. In this article, we’ll present a brief introduction to Bitcoin, including what it is, how it works, and what its major functions are today.
Faucet Bitcoin
What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a type of digital currency known as a cryptocurrency, which means it exists in a 100% digital format and is kept secure through strong encryption protocols. Bitcoin pioneered what has now become a burgeoning industry with thousands of competing cryptocurrencies; BTC, however, remains the all-around favorite, with LiteCoin at a distant second.

How does Bitcoin work? Imagine that you logged into your online banking and transferred money to a friend’s bank account to pay for the TV they sold you. You didn’t have to take cash out of an ATM to give to your friend because the funds were represented digitally in your online bank account. Computer programs verify that the money really exists in your account, and then they transfer the appropriate amount of money into your friend’s account, and all you had to do was click a button.

Bitcoin works in a very similar way. The only difference is that there is no physical money behind Bitcoin – it is electronic currency only. In fact, there is no asset underlying Bitcoin to give them value; rather, the value of BTC is determined entirely by people’s willingness to use it and people’s desire to have it.

What is Bitcoin used for? Bitcoin is becoming widely accepted as a form of payment, and today you can use Bitcoin for almost anything you could use regular fiat currencies for. Most people use Bitcoins to shop online when they don’t want their identity associated with the purchase (Bitcoin accounts and transactions are pseudo-anonymous), and many people treat Bitcoins as a sort of currency investment; these investors are stocking up on BTC now, expecting them to increase in value over time and turn into a profitable investment.